Royal Palace Het Loo (NL)
Temporary Exhibition 2024

"Spring is coming!"
– with this multi-sensory exhibition about the history and expert knowledge of flowers at The Royal Palace Het Loo (NL). 

As transition into this journey, the guests are being welcomed by a dramatically lit sculpture, created by artist Linda Niewstad, complemented by a captivating introductory animation projected onto the surroundings.


Enhanced by the intricate play of shadows cast by a specially designed lamp construction these elements seamlessly blend together to create an immersive experience. Welcome to BLOOM!


In the next space, dedicated to "Flowers in Art", guests step into a vibrant garden of artworks.


Enhanced by a subtle soundscape, they can leisurely stroll through four distinct themes that blend historic and modern artworks.

maf-studio_phl_bloom_03 bloom-3

The titles of the different themes are playfully projected onto the floor.


various objects are combined with their own smell, or a personal story of the artist.


As the journey progresses, guests are immersed in the world of 'flowers and trade'. At the center of  the space, Pieter Cos's illustrative book (1637), about the notorious "tulipomania", is showcased in a special display.


This book served as the inspiration for media artist Jos Agasi to create a stunning 360-degree projection on the surrounding walls, accompanied by a mesmerizing soundscape.

maf-studio_phl_bloom_07 maf-studio_phl_bloom_08 maf-studio_phl_bloom_09 maf-studio_phl_bloom_10 maf-studio_phl_bloom_11

The final space is dedicated to activities with Flowers


The guests can embroider on a large embroidery Installation,  


guess 10 different smells in a smell game


and learn about flower arranging. They can make their own colorful bouquets with stamps on postcards and send them to their friends and family in the shop.


Dana Dikstraa - Graphic Design (M A F)
Shosho - AV productions
Brandwacht en Meijer - Exhibition build
MAV - AV Hardware
Beersnielsen - Lightdesign
Marijntje Knapen - Projectlead Palais Het Loo
Maarten Albrecht - Photography 








































House of Artisans

House of Artisans

Qasr Al Hosn Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Permanent exhibition 2021
In partnership with KDJ+T for the Department for Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi

Meet the Artisans of the United Arab Emirates!


This journey takes its guests, Emiratis, expats, and cultural tourists alike, onto a journey to the crafts and design of the UAE, that engages all senses and the mind. 

Located at the heart of the UAE, at Qasr Al Hosn, next to the former palace and first building of Abu Dhabi, the Guests find the new House Of Artisans.


At the center of this exhibition, the guests will meet real traditional artisans that keep the old traditions alive at their workplace.

02_hoa-maf-web 03_hoa-maf-web

In three surrounding pavillions, the guests can explore the materials and processes used for Talli, Al Sadu, and Khoos and learn about the techniques in an interactive way. 

04_insidehoa-maf-web 04_hoa-maf-web 05_hoa-maf-web 04_hoa_inside-maf-web

The pavilions are surrounded by displays of modern-day Emirati designs and crafts that take the tradition's into the future.

09_hoa-maf-web 09_outs_hoa-maf-web

A fifth pavilion is dedicated to the art of Gahwa, the traditional coffee making. Here Gahwa will be prepared, as a presentation, but also to be offered to the exhibition's guests throughout the space, sharing its beautiful smell and aromas adding to the sensual experience of this exhibition.


This pavilion has a little hidden kitchenette and a large automated curtain that can close the space off for presentations


In order to facilitate a variety of exciting and ambitious workshops we designed a flexible furniture system that can be configured towards many different arrangements.


The exhibition is embraced by two large wall installations. The 'Universe of Crafts' showcases products of traditional crafts while the juxtaposed 'Wall of Hands' is a video-installation that shows crafting hands, in motion.

10_hoa-maf-web 12_hoa_wall_of_hands-maf-web

Since we designed the complete guest-journey through the ground floor of the building we also transformed the entrance/exit area. Here hosts will welcome and inform the guests. This area is also the Museum-shop which we designed from natural materials.

021-shop_hoa-maf-web 022-shop_hoa-maf-web




For this project MAF was the partner design office that designed and developed this project in partnership with KDJ+Tellartfor DCT in Abu Dhabi /UAE.
The project's scope included Concept design, Spatial design, Interaction and AV-content production, Graphic Design and Art-direction.

MAF: Martin Sämmer - Executive creative director
KDJ: Mark de Jong - overall lead, Wendy Jansen - Overall PM, Femke Bijlsma - Content-developer, Alejandra Calderon - Senior spatial designer, Berthe Mandaat - DTP, Osama Elcontar - Arabic DTP
TELLART: Matt Cottam - media lead, Bjørn Karmann - Creative director-media, Joanna Roman - PM-media, Luca Zander - Mediadesign, Stefano Erba - Mediadesign

Light design: Heinz Loopstra
AV hardware and interaction: Tellart (concept and production)
Build: Projex UAE (Joe Villamonte)
Photography: Mohamed Somji (Photography)
And many more..













































TASC - Look and Feel 

Espritscholen (NL)
TASC (Tech Amsterdam Scholen Collectief)
Temporary fit out (5+ years) 2023


"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning" (Diane Akerman).

A new school for a new innovative form of technology education in Amsterdam.


In this exiting project we got the chance to show that our interdisciplinary approach of NARRATIVE DESIGN can be successfully applied to public spaces and go beyond experience- and exhibition-spaces.


MAF.studio developed a unique ‘Look and Feel’ especially for TASC. Together with the director and his educational team we analyzed the curriculum and developed supporting interiors and interventions to inspire the students to be curious and creative. As they are educated to be makers we involved various creative makers in the development of the interventions.


When entering or leaving the school the children transition through a colorful and handmade immersive wall-painting with an integrated floor-mat by artist Marije Vermeulen.


How much water do we use? Will it rain in the next hour? How many people are in the building? The answers you can find in the ‘Control Room’ in the main hall. The place to receive guests, lounge, and learn about data correlations in and outside the building.


A playful design of graphical lines that mimics the floor graphics of industrial halls, takes you through the whole school. Defining certain spaces with a wink to logistic lines and industrial flooring. Squares indicate entrances to classrooms, dashed lines mark the food area, colored lines lead to lockers in the same color and the black dashed lines break the patterns and indicate the beaten tracks.


Work, present, hang out, discuss: a staircase in the hall built into a multifunctional landscape that supports engaging in every detail. Rolling display cases and showcases on the stairs for displaying student work, a screen and speaking chair to make your voice heard under the spotlight, a blackboard to explore your ideas on, steps that become tables to sit quietly to work or have lunch.


The corridors are also home to the school's two 'pets'. Specially designed and created by designer and inventor Allard Roeterink. To recharge themselves, they return to their homes. The houses are made by the pupils and in the technology lesson they will work with the robotics incorporated in the two 'pets' they share the corridor with.



Troughout the shool areas have been similarly transformed into places of presentation, locations for being presented and multipurpose landscapes for the students and their teachers. In this area we developed the possibility for silent disco-presentations with headphones. Matching by an existing icon from the world of logistics on the floor ;-)





Ruby Van Den Munckhof - Projectmanagement
Stroomberg - Graphic Design (MAF)  
Allard Roeterink and Jasper Kooper - Artists (Studio Grutt.ooo)
Marije Vermeulen - Artist
Planemos - Builder
Hello Energy - Content partner controll room
Thijs Wolzak - Photography




































Prisoners of Consciousness

Silenced / Prisoners of Consciousness

Amnesty International and Loevestein Castle (NL)
Temporary Exhibition 2023

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.”  
-So don’t do Nothing!” 

Alexei Navalny (quoting John Stuart Mill)


In collaboration with Amnesty International Netherlands and Loevestein Castle, MAF.Studio has codeveloped and designed an activating and interactive narrative journey. 


In the beginning of the Journey the guests learn about the history of silencing political opponents by incarceration under false claims. 


Throughout the whole exhibition, the texts are "censored" and the guests must take action to be able to read them.


After this the guests enter the space in the castle where prisoners were held. For this exhibition, we transformed it to an abstract prison with 5 cells. The dramatic music of the Russian cellist Maya Friedman is playing in the background while the light from within the cells cast overlaying patterns of captivity.


The visitors can enter the cells by pushing the bars aside and "meet" one of the 5 representative cases of "Prisoners of Conciousness"


Each prisoner is represented with a video portrait and one of their books.

monddood_08 monddood_09 monddood_02-1

The guests pass by a chair made by Dutch designer Maarten Baas for Amnesty International, symbolizing hope for escaping political imprisonment.


After the confronting experience of the situation of Prisoners Of Consciousness, the guests enter a space that is showing that everywhere in the world, people are protesting and taking action....


Highlighting the current campaigns of Amnesty International the guests are invited to take action themselves within the exhibition and beyond.

monddood_17 monddood_18

The final space of the exhibition ends on a hopeful note. Protests and actions can be successful! The guests meet a number former Prisoners of Consciousness that have been freed with the support of Amnesty International. In the center of the space Hugo de Groot tells the story of his escape from captivity on Loevestein Castle 400 years ago, in the famous book-chest. 


Philip Stroomberg - Graphic Design (M A F)
Beeld & Beweging - AV productions
Maya Friedman - Spatial Sound
Planemos - Exhibition build
Flink - AV Hardware
Mike Bink - Photography
Lars Van Troost - Amnesty International - Expert






































The Temple Mount

The Temple Mount

Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht 
Permanent exhibition 2021

A 200-year-old model of the temple mount of Jerusalem becomes alive and tells its story for young visitors.


The model is shown open, with a rail around it for protection. It is illuminated with great precision to enable the guests to take a very close look and admire its beauty.


To facilitate a conversation (most of the guests will be moderated groups) the model is placed in a way that groups can stand around it.


The PLAY-button on the hand-rail will start a short, beautifully made projection onto the model.

This film will point out the most important buildings on the site and the overall importance of the location for the three religions.


The Model itself is a fascinating object and on a screen besides the Model the guests can learn more about it.

dsc6139-screen-1 dsc6284

Archaeologist and model builder Conrad Schick built the model of the Temple Mount in 1879 for Schouten.
Schick was one of the few archaeologists who had the opportunity to take measurements and make drawings in all the underground parts of the Temple Mount. 
His model thus offers a good picture of the situation on the Temple Mount in the nineteenth century, and makes clear how closely the holy places of Jews, Christians and Muslims are linked. Conrad Schick built several models of the Temple Mount, such as the one he made for the 1873 World's Fair in Vienna. 
Today the model in Museum Catharijneconvent is the only one that can still be seen in Europe, the other three surviving models are in Jerusalem.


Inter-religious Dialogue
With the placement of the model of the Temple Mount Haram al-Sharif, within the Museum Catharijneconvent is responding to the need of education to talk to students about religion and to stimulate inter-religious dialogue. 


Miko Vasques Dias (model restauration)
Planemos (builder)
ShoSho (animation on model and interview-film with restaurator)
Kleurdomein (window- prints)
Mike Bink (photography)

























copyright 2021 MAF.studio 



Hugo Grotius 400

Hugo Grotius 400

Slot Loevestein (NL)
Temporary exhibition 2021

A dive into the mind of Dutch humanist, diplomat, lawyer, theologian, jurist, poet and playwright Hugo Grotius (Hugo de Groot).


Hugo Grotius, is in The Netherlands famous for his spectacular escape from his imprisonment on Loevestein Castle. Hidden in a book-chest, he managed to flee exactly 400 years ago


The exhibition welcomes the guests with the most iconic and known topic, the chest.


The escape has become legendary and throughout time innumerous artistic impressions of it have been created. From 300-year-old sketches up to a Lego stop-motion film. The exhibition brings some them together and shows how this escape, that is part of the national canon of The Netherlands, has become kind of pop-culture in itself.


Since the original book-chest is not existing anymore, we worked together with young people to build a new one. As a guest, you can even step inside, test the chest-escape-feeling and get a picture taken.

hugo_de_groot_11-1 hugo_de_groot_03 hugo_de_groot_14

Over the years, the original cell and its interior have been lost. In this space you can meet Hugo Grotius in his original cell in the form of an oil-painting.


Every few minutes, the walls of his cell 'become alive' and start to tell about the live as a captive on Loevestein Castle and reveal the details of the great escape.


As the grand finale and the main space, the guests enter the 'universe of thoughts' of Hugo Grotius who was one of the forethinkers of modern day international and maritime law.


5 of his most important antique books are displayed in orbital-showcases, which virtually scatter the words from the books in form of light all over the space and therewith create an immersive 'light installation of thoughts'. 


Traveling trough this 'universe of thoughts', the guests will meet five experts, among which the ESA Astronaut Andre Kuipers, that talk about some important aspects, the legacy and influence of Hugo Grotius’s work in our modern world.

hugo_de_groot_36 hugo_de_groot_35 hugo_de_groot_34



Beeld & Beweging - AV productions
Flink - Exhibition build
Berthe Mandaat - Creative DTP
Mike Bink - Photography


Almatine Leene, Theoloog des Vaderlands
André Kuipers, Astronaut European Space Agency
Carl Haarnack, Voorzitter Stichting Anton de Kom 
Jan van de Venis, wnd. Ombudspersoon Toekomstige Generaties
Tessa Beeloo, Coördinator Humanitair Oorlogsrecht Rode Kruis

Special thanks to

Prof. Hendrik Kaptein for his consultation on sometimes quite complex questions.














Water! friend or foe?

Water! friend or foe?

Utrecht City Archive
temoprary exhibition 2022

Swim trough 900 years of Dutch water management!

Following waterdrops on the floor, the guests 'dive down' the stairs into the basement of the 'Utrecht City Archive' and transition into a magical world of water.


In the first space our guests discover the story of 900 years of watermanagement from 1122 until today and beyond, told by a unique collection of carefully selected documents (some 900 years old!).


These are presented in a save showcase, beautyfully mounted on a scale model of a dike-section.


The guests unlock the stories little nice audiostories that are acessed by an app.

app water_vriend_of_vijand_22_maart_2022_c_paulus_van_dorsten-63

Following the waterdrops on the floor, the guests arrive at a boat, and can take a "audiovisual boat trip" trough a selection of films.

dsc6569 dsc6526 dsc6554

As grand finale, the guests enter a space that discusses in 10 topics the duality of water as being a friend and/or a foe.

dsc6364_copy dsc6417_copy

Carefully selected valuable documents, objects and books are mounted behind secure glass.


Each assembly tells a story that can be unlocked with the audio-app.


The overall space -as a big gesture- immerses the guests in water in the form of abstract moving light and sound. The black mirror walls extend the watereffect



Berthe Mandaat - Graphic design
Imke Asmussen (Projectmanagement HUA)
Kaj van Vliet (Main Curator HuA)
Karen Wegereef (HUA)
Flink (Exhibition build)
Photography: Mike Bink & Paulus van Dorsten - Concretestate photography 

The Exhibition is a cooperation of the 'Utrecht City Archive', the 'Hoogheemraadschap' and 'De Stichtse Rijnlanden' to celebtate the 900st anniversary of Watermanagement



















Body language

Body language

Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht (NL)
Temporary exhibition 2020-2021

An immersive journey through the body perception of the Middle Ages.

This exhibition shows Christian artifacts from the late Middle Ages that depict the body in unexpected and extreme ways. The collection is curated from all over Europe, including pieces from the British Library and the French Louvre.


To guide the guests through the collection, we created an immersive experience that leads through different parts of the body.


Guests start their journey with an audiovisual introduction where they meet important experts, before travelling through the themed spaces BLOOD, HAIR, HEAD and SKIN.

201007gh-web-bodylanguage_bloed-2 03_mb_body_language_14 201007gh-web-bodylanguage_haar-1 201007gh-web-bodylanguage_hoofd-1 201007gh-web-bodylanguage_huid-2 201007gh-web-bodylanguage_huid-1

As the grand finale, the exhibition ends at the fountain of blood and milk. Guests can scan QR codes throughout the journey to listen to the stories behind the objects.


Due to the corona outbreak, we have adjusted the design to comply with the latest safety requirements.


Dutch Iglo - Introduction Film
Esther de Vries - Graphic design
Gerritjan Huinink - Photography
Mike Bink - Photography
Planemos - Exhibitionbuild
Deuxamsterdam - Artistic builds













De Münster Domschat

De Münster Domschat

Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht (NL)
Temporary exhibition 2018 

A spectacular treasure hunt through the ages.


For the first time in history, this temporary exhibition presents the famous Münster treasure, which has its origins in the Middle Ages, outside of Münster.


The experiential journey starts with an audiovisual introduction of the treasure’s origin and its relation to Utrecht.


The exhibition then uses fascinating archival documents from the Middle Ages to explain to the guests how such a treasure was assembled with politics and indulgence.


By juxtaposing the preserved relics of the lost Utrecht treasure, we talk about the Eucharistic function of the treasure.


In the laboratory, the guests learn about the materials and origins of the treasure that are also an indicator of the trade relations of that time.


The climax is the Münster treasure itself, which we present in a treasure chest made of glass. The treasures are beautifully mounted and lit and can be experienced in detail. A recording of the Utrecht Dome Choir is playing in the space that is surrounded by enlarged details of the treasure itself.

05_maf-muenster 06_maf-muenster 07_maf-muenster

Before leaving, the guests can have an audiovisual sit-down with the curators, can voice their opinion on a feedback wall and sign the guestbook.


Andreas Tscholl - Graphic design

















Paradiso Amsterdam (NL)
Performance event 2019

An enveloping experience that draws the visitor in.


For this performance event at the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam, we worked with the artist Cindy Moorman to develop a visitor journey around her ‘scripted gathering’ het Wij (the We).


The overall concept incorporates themed lighting and interventions such as posters, visual art, UV stamps and projections into a multi-layered experience.


We have created a comprehensive journey that brings together the exterior and the interior of the building, drawing the guests into the venue and guiding them through the evening with the performance, an audiovisual choir, as the climax.


The very specific typology of colors and shapes of the work of Cindy Moorman has been applied in order to create a themed journey through this performance evening. 


05_cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_06 06_cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_07 07_cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_08 09_cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_10 10_cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_11

Cindy Moorman - Artist 
Niels Stomps - Photography
Willy de Rooij - conductor
Van Abbemuseumchoir - Performers

Many thanks to the technical staff of Paradiso.















LVX - Collaborations 

Louis Vuitton (via Random Studio)
LVX - Collaborations Exhibition Los Angeles (US)
Spatial media and interaction 2019

An on-brand series of installations and Instagram filters.

01_exhibition-show-inside-look-archives-9 02-inside-look-archives-4

For this Louis Vuitton Brand Exhibition in Los Angeles, we have ideated and developed a series of interactive installations and produced a spatial film as well as a set of themed Instagram filters.

03_lvx 04_louis-vuitton-3-1 05_img_8439 06_img_8564 07_img_8565 08_img_8567

Random Studio
















Utrecht City Archive
temoprary exhibition 2022

For the 900th birthday of the city of Utrecht we have created a engaging and crowded Birthday-Party arround the presentation of the 900 year old documents that manifest the foundation of the city. Welcome to the Party!



A large artistic floor-map of Utrecht, created by graphitiartist Mick la Rock and her team sets the stage to meet 900 selected Utrechters trough time. Learn why they have come and why they have decided to stay.


By scanning the QR code with their phone-camera, a short audiostory will start and the guests can learn more about the persons and why they have come to Utrecht.


We also ask our guests why they have come to live in Utrecht.


As the highlight of the show, the Guests will encounter the "Stadsrecht". These preacious Documents are 900 years old and manifest the Foundation of the City of Utrecht in 1122.


When the Guests first enter the round and almost sacret space, a short audiovisual show will start with images on the wall of Utrechters trough time in combination with a voiceover and dramatic Music.  


The 'Birthday Party' and its guests are also spread out trough the city. 


Andreas Tscholl (Graphic design)
Imke Asmussen (Projectmanagement HUA)
Kaj van Vliet (Main Curator HuA)
Karen Wegereef (HUA)
Carolien Arnold gekomenomteblijven.nl
Merel Schrijvers gekomenomteblijven.nl
Flink (Exhibition build)
Aileen Middel aka Mick La Rock (Graffiti Artist)
Mike Bink (Photography)

The Exhibition is a cooperation of the 'Utrecht City Archive' with 'gekomenomteblijven.nl'















Vinger.nl + M A F co-production in Amsterdam Zuidoost (NL)
Pop-up photo exhibition 2016

An impromptu meeting place for Amsterdam’s hip-hop scene.


This exhibition shows the unique portraits of hip-hop legends taken by the photographer Ilja Meefout in dressing rooms and backstage areas over the years. For this impressive photo-collection, we wanted to create a setting that felt like the perfect backstage as well.


Instead of creating a clean, white gallery space, we have worked with Vinger.nl to turn an empty shop into an exhibition space complete with a DJ setup, a bar and stage lights. Part of the walls are also covered in black paper, inviting guests to literally leave their mark next to the authentic autographs of their biggest idols.

bewerkt_ilja_005_lesadu bewerkt_ilja_004_lesadu

A place where people can not only see the work, but also engage, hang out and perform.


The exhibition has become a temporary stage and hub for the local hip-hop scene almost overnight, bringing together idols and fans with some spontaneous and legendary gigs.

ilja_014 ilja_008_lesadu

Jeffrey Croese - Vinger.nl (and his whole amazing crew)
Ilja Meefout - Photographer