MAF's mission statement 





- Form follows content

Spatial Storytelling translates stories that matter to meaningful 4-dimensional journeys by making content a spatial experience. With a strong interpretive framework as the foundation on which space and content come together.

content_to_form01 content_to_form02 content_to_form03 content_to_form04 content_to_form05 content_to_form06

- A carefully staged journey

A Spatial Story - unlike other media to convey a narrative - takes the visitor on a physical walk through space and time. With the visitors as protagonists in mind we intentionally compose their journey by designing all aspects they’ll meet along the way.


journey01 journey02 journey03 journey04 journey05 journey06 journey07 journey08

- Themed Immersion

As a first point of contact with a themed space, big gestures teleport and place our guests in new worlds full of fantasy and contexts and immerse them in the topic.


themed_world01 themed_world02 themed_world03 themed_world04

- Information Architecture

Organising information in a clear hierarchy, from big gestures down to insightful details that can be intuitively found and accessed on demand. This ensures that everyone can find their amount of information for an interesting visit, regardless of their age, expertise, attention span or time constraints.


layered_info01 layered_info02 layered_info03 layered_info04 layered_info05 layered_info06 layered_info08 layered_info09

- Fused Media

Telling the stories with different timed narrative layers of collection, image, film, text, light, and sound creating a total environment in which all the fragments interplay and fuse together. This requires an interdisciplinary approach in which we purposefully integrate all disciplines into the overall narrative experience.


mixed_media01 mixed_media02 mixed_media03 mixed_media04 mixed_media05 mixed_media06 mixed_media07 mixed_media08 mixed_media09 mixed_media10

- Fantasy

A Spatial Story is not attempting to copy reality but creates our own fanciful, conceptual environment: an imaginative parallel universe that tells stories and triggers curiosity.


- All senses

To evoke and create lasting memories and emotions, well-designed content needs to engage all the senses with themed sound, light, smell, taste and movement. It is all about creating a multi-sensory experience that draws the guest into the moment and using all channels to the human brain.


senses01 senses02 senses03 senses04 senses05 senses06 senses07

- Encounters

In our complex world, nothing is black and white and all stories are human. By finding the main characters, personalizing the stories and organizing juxtaposed encounters we appeal to the intellect, create a sense of ownership and empower our guests to form their own opinion.


encounters01 encounters02 encounters03 encounters04 encounters05

- Participation and interaction

Offering different levels of engagement and inviting visitors to playful deep-dives and meaningful participation using interactive- and digital- media, settings, people and programming.  Interactivity is a means to inspire visitors to be active players, enable collaboration and cooperation and can even be an instrument for experimentation and dialogue.

The above is not a static recipe but a dynamic way of thinking applied to each project in a tailor-made manner.







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