Body language

Body language

Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht (NL)
Temporary exhibition 2020-2021

An immersive journey through the body perception of the Christian middle-ages.


This exhibition shows Christian artifacts that communicate with extremes. The collection has been curated from all over Europe, including pieces from the British Library and the French Louvre. 


The guests will embark on a journey starting with an audiovisual introduction, get introduced to important Experts, and then travel through the themed spaces BLOOD, HAIR, HEAD, and SKIN.

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The grand finale is the fountain of blood and milk. On their journey, the Guests can scan QR codes and listen to the stories about the objects.


Due to the Corona-outbreak, the design was adjusted to fit the latest CORONA-requirements.


Friends: Dutch Iglo
Photography: Gerritjan Huinink and Mike Bink




Paradiso Amsterdam
Performance Event / Scripted gathering of Artist Cindy Moorman 2019 

During the last years, M A F has been working with the performance artist Cindy Moorman on her gallery-shows and 'scripted gatherings'. For this Evening at the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam, we developed a visitor journey that started on the facade of the building and guided the guests towards the main event, an audiovisual live performance and ended at the exit.

cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_04-1 cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_05 cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_03 cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_02 cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_06 cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_07 cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_08_bew cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_10-1 cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_11 cindy_moorman_paradiso_2020_12



Vinger.nl & M A F co-production 
popup exhibition 2018

This Hip-Hop photography exhibition started as a temporary photo exhibition idea and became a legendary story in itself.



The exhibition showed the absolutely unique portraits of Hip-hop legends taken by the photographer Ilja Meefout over years in backstage areas. For this impressive collection, we created a setting that was a perfect backstage-setting as well and where people not only could see but also engage, hang out and perform.  In no time, the exhibition became a stage, meeting point, and hub for the dutch hip-hop-scene with some spontaneous and legendary gigs.

bewerkt_ilja_007_lesadu bewerkt_ilja_005_lesadu ilja_010_lesadu-bew

When Ilja, who lives in the same neighborhood as me, Amsterdam Zuidoost, approached Jeff (Vinger.nl) and myself if we could help him exhibiting his work, I could instantly see the potential. We convinced him not to do a „Gallery-style“ exhibition in a white, clean space, but to create a narrative space that reflects his past experiences and shared this with his guests. Together with Vinger.nl, and lots of volunteers, we turned an empty shop into an exhibition that was equipped with a DJ-setup, a bar and theatric light, which we could borrow from the local theater. The success was unbelievable! It felt like the whole dutch Hip-Hop scene turned up! Not only to watch but to hang out and perform in an environment that Immersed them with their biggest Idols. During the opening and for the next 2 weeks the exhibition was a performance hub.


Until now, people in Zuidoost talk about it. It had amazing Press coverage too...


De Münster Domschat

De Münster Domschat

Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht NL
temporary exhibition 2018


For the first time, this exhibition presents the famous Dome-treasure of Münster, which has its origins in the Middle ages, outside of Münster, in a spectacular temporary exhibition at the Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht. The exhibition is an experiential journey that takes the visitors on a multimedia journey through the history of the treasure along with the fascinating archival documents from the middle ages through a laboratory that explains the materials and origins of the treasure, until Its climax, the treasure itself. The treasure is presented in a large showcase that can be entered by the visitors and which creates an immersive-treasure experience. All objects can be viewed from inside and outside. In a final space, the Guests can sit together with the curatorial team and leave a message.

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Louis Vuitton (via Random Studio)
spatial media and interaction 

For this Louis Vuitton Brand Exhibition in Los Angeles, we ideated and developed a series of interactive installations and produced a spatial film as well as a set of themed Instagram face-filters. 

https_hypebeast_com_image_2019_06_louis-vuitton-x-exhibition-show-inside-look-archives-9 https_hypebeast_com_image_2019_06_louis-vuitton-x-exhibition-show-inside-look-archives-4 document-journal_louis-vuitton-x_fullbleed louis-vuitton-3-1 img_8439 img_8564 img_8565 img_8567